Trickiest optical illusion yet stumps the internet

Allison Yee

It’s always hard when you’re looking at something and your mind says one thing, and your eyes say another.

This latest optical illusion about an innocent looking street is one of those mind-warping things.

The internet has gone into meltdown over the two pics posted on image sharing site Imgur, which claim to be the exact same snap.

These two pictures are exactly the same. Photo: Imgur

“This is the same photo, side by side,” the caption reads. “They are not taken at different angles.

“Both sides are the same, pixel for pixel.”

People are very, very confused about these two photos. Photo: Getty

If you’re like the majority, the streets actually look completely different, and like they’re taken from two different angles.

“For me it looks like the roads are going in different directions, like one road forking off,” wrote one Reddit user.

“For me my first reaction was the right side was on an angle and the left was more of a straight shot,” said another.

However others have explained why our mind plays tricks on us when looking at the photos.

Source: Giphy

“It's because the 2 streets come together at the bottom of the pictures,” wrote one user on Reddit.

“Your brain tries to perceive this as one image with a fork in the road and therefore the street in the picture on the left must be at a different angle than the picture on the right.”

Still unconvinced?

The illusion was proved right when someone placed them on top of each other. Photo: Reddit
Somehow they completely match up. Photo: Reddit

One user decided to place both images on top of each other to see what would happen… and it proved they were the same.

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