Can you spot why this woman's bathroom selfie has gone viral?

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman’s seemingly innocent bathroom selfie has gone viral after people spotted something odd in the background.

Paula Sophia was reportedly visiting her aunt’s house in Mexico, when she posed for a sexy selfie on the bathroom sink, showing off a pair of tiny shorts.

She captioned the tweet “Pretty Little Thing”.

Very quickly though, people started pointing out multiple design flaws in the bathroom behind her, which lead to some hilarious reactions on Twitter.

“Damn you gotta get up off the toilet and walk way over there to get tissue to wipe,” one person said, pointing out the toilet paper roll holder is actually on the opposite side of the bathroom to the toilet.

That makes things difficult.

Others noticed the odd placement of what looks to be a towel rail behind the toilet and also the fact the powerpoint was above the toilet, leaving the charger hanging awkwardly over the bowl.

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