Mum called out for 'unhealthy' item in this lunchbox

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Photo: Facebook/Cornwall Live
Photo: Facebook/Cornwall Live

A mum has shared her shock after her son’s school sent home some of his lunch because it had been deemed ‘unhealthy’.

Posting an image on Facebook, Laura Lee, from Stafford UK, sent her two-year-old son to preschool with what she thought was a “pretty balanced” lunch.

But apparently what the mum had provided for food throughout the day was not satisfactory.

“I sent my 2.5-year-old son to school with this and the cookies got sent home because they’re unhealthy – there were 3 MINI Cookies,” she posted.

“I thought it was pretty balanced – evidently not.”

Many parents were equally shocked that her son had not been allowed to eat the cookies as a treat.

“Looks like you took time and effort to his lunch ‘fun’ and appealing,” one person replied. “Absolute rubbish that he wasn’t allowed to get those small cookies. Everything in moderation surely.”

What an absolute joke! Awesome looking lunch,” was another response.

A few others also responded saying they had similar experiences.

That looks great and well balanced, my son’s drink got sent home because it was fizzy, it was sparkling water,” was one mother’s comment.

Laura Lee shared the image in response to teachers revealing some the worst packed lunches their pupils have been sent to school with.

One student was sent to school in the UK with a day-old McDonald’s Happy Meal so it “didn’t go to waste”.

A student was sent to school with McDonald’s. Photo: Getty
A student was sent to school with McDonald’s. Photo: Getty

Another primary school pupil turned up once with only a pork pie and a can of shandy for lunch. A teacher was also forced to question a mum of a student who had sent a can of Red Bull and a packet of corn snacks for her child’s lunch.

“He’d had a late night on his Xbox and seemed like he needed a pick-me-up,” the mum reportedly said.

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