Why this photo of Shapes biscuits is blowing people's minds

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

They’re an Australian staple in nearly every single household, with the majority of people having fond memories of the Arnott’s Shapes biscuits from their childhood.

However, a new photo, which was uploaded to Facebook by comedian Christian Hull has caused a stir everywhere, with people gobsmacked at what he’s just discovered.

Dozens of boxes of Shapes can be seen stacked on the shelves in the snap, with all the delicious flavours on show.

But it was the caption that has everyone shocked, as Christian has just made the revelation that the graphic on the box is the same shape as the biscuit inside.

Comedian Christian Hull has made a shocking discovery about Shapes biscuits. Photo: Facebook/Christian Hull

“MIND BLOWN: The white part of the Shapes box is the actually shape of the biscuit inside,” he wrote, alongside a shocked face emoji.

“You can never unsee this,” he later added.

If you can’t believe what you’ve just read, then you’re not alone, because over 8,500 people have commented on the post in the past 20 hours to talk about it.

The comments ranged from ‘I will never look at the same again’, to ‘how have I never noticed this before’ and ‘I’ve been alive for 20 years and never noticed this’.

However, some people pointed out that the Chicken Crimpy variety don’t have the shape on the box. Photo: Facebook
Another person pointed out how the Devondale cow doesn’t actually have legs, instead it has people holding it up. Photo: Facebook

“My goodness you are right!!!! I never knew that,” another person said.

Although many people pointed out that the Crimpy Chicken Shapes do not have the shape of the biscuit on the box.

Others couldn’t believe people were only making the discovery now and also added their own life hacks.

One person also uploaded a picture of an older packet of Bega cheese, which has a piece of cheese on the front of it. Photo: Facebook

A woman made the revelation that the Devondale cow actually had no legs, instead it has people holding it up.

Another man revealed a nifty trick for filling up your car, where you check the arrow on the dial and it tells you the side your tank is on.

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