Can you spot the quirk in this rental home?

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

The Sydney rental market can be a brutally competitive beast that sees renters scrambling to put their application in the second – if not before – a new home hits the internet.

But one particular ad for a flat in the exclusive suburb of Elizabeth Bay has some renters thinking twice.

The living room looks spacious and open. Photo:

In an ad that was posted to, the one bedroom, one bathroom flat looks like any other apartment being advertised.

With big floor-to-ceiling windows letting in plenty of light in the living room and bedroom, along with beautiful polished floorboards, it’s sure to tick a lot of boxes for home-seekers out there.

With bright white walls and enough space for a dining table, this apartment should be hot property. Photo:
Plenty of space in the bedroom, too. Photo:

But it’s the photo of the kitchen that’s had some people doing a double take.

Take a closer look.

There’s something not quite right in the kitchen though… Photo:

Can’t see it?

Have a look at the fridge.

Like many other flats in space-challenged Sydney, there’s been a bit of juggling to ensure all your essential white-goods make it in.

Which means the fridge sits on top of the dryer, making it near impossible for even those with Go-Go Gadget arms to reach the top shelf of the fridge, let alone sneak in a spoon or two of ice-cream just before bed.

Hands up (way, way up in the air) if you’d be happy living here?

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