Can you spot Prince Harry's wedding faux pas?

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Over the weekend Prince Harry was dressed to the nines in a suit as he played the role of best man at his childhood friend Charlie Van Straubenzee’s wedding to Daisy Jenks.

However the Duke of Sussex did suffer a bit of a fashion faux pas, although it’s not that noticeable to the naked eye.

If you look closely at the photo below, you may be able to spot it.

Can you spot Prince Harry’s faux pas? Source: Getty

Did you see it?

There was quite a significant hole in the bottom of his shoe.

He had quite a significant hole in the bottom of his shoe. Source: Getty

Perhaps all royal budget has been spent on his wife Meghan Markle’s reported $35,000 (£20,000) shoe wardrobe

Despite his slight wardrobe mishap, Prince Harry didn’t let it cause a (w)hole lot of trouble.

The 33-year-old wasn’t the only one who had a fashion slip-up at the wedding, his wife the Duchess of Sussex also had a mishap with her dress.

At one point the 37-year-old’s top button came undone of her loose fitting Club Monaco dress came undone.

Meghan had a slight slip up with her top button. Photo: Getty

But you may have blinked and missed it because being the style queen she is, Meghan turned the mishap into a fashion statement.

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