Can you spot why parents are losing it over this Target quilt for kids?

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A mum has started a hilarious debate online, after posting an image of a Target kid’s quilt from the shop catalogue.

The pretty pink and white cover is described as ‘sweet quilted cotton with reversible spot print design’ in the booklet, however parents all over the web are comparing the large black print to something very rude instead.

“OMG!! sperm and egg quilts for kids at target,” the mum wrote alongside the picture she posted to the Facebook mums group.

The post has already been commented on hundreds of times by parents debating exactly what they see on the quilt.

Parents are finding this Target kids’ quilt design hilarious. Photo: Facebook

The design has been compared to whales, a mouse, swans, flamingoes and even tadpoles on the comments section, but most people claim they can see a sperm pattern.

“Omg I didn’t see that until u said it and now that’s all I can see lol,” one person said.

“All I see is SPERM,” another person commented, while another person said they spat out their drink because they thought it was so funny.

The majority of commenters seemed to agree that it was black swans on the quilt, with a few saying that the parents who didn’t see that straight away need to get glasses.

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