Can you spot the illegal camera hidden on this ATM?

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

There’s nothing worse than the thought of being filmed and scammed while getting money out of an ATM.

However, an off-duty police officer recently came across a hidden camera that could be used for exactly that, and is now warning others.

Would you have been able to spot this hidden camera? Source: MPS Specials

It’s not easy to spot, but if you look closely at the receipt dispenser on the ATM above, you’ll see a small camera which is designed to record your PIN numbers.

Unbeknown to many ATM users, this little device could be helping fraudsters steal thousands of dollars from people’s bank accounts.

This little device hidden under the receipt dispenser is designed to record your pin number. Source: MPS Specials

After making this worrying discovery, the officer is now warning others to be cautious when using ATMs and has offered tips on what to look out for.

“This is why it is so important to #CoverYourPin when taking out cash,” the officer tweeted.

Be sure to check every ATM for hidden cameras before using them. Source: MPS Specials

As well as sneaky cameras, fraudsters can also use skimmers that are designed to copy the information on the magnetic strip of your card.

These are also easily missed as they sit nicely over the top of the card slot and made to look like a normal part of the machine.

The blue strip above the card reader is an example of a skimmer that looks part of the machine. Source: Facebook /  South Leicester Police

So now more than ever, make sure to take a closer look at an ATM before you use it and ALWAYS be sure to cover the pin pad when you enter your PIN.


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