Can you spot the difference between these identical twins?

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Two identical twins have taken to the streets of Hollywood to see whether anyone would notice what was actually very different about them.

Hannah and Leah even wore what appeared to be the exact same outfit, but can you tell the difference?

Photo: Instagram/<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:@Jenthebodypainter" class="link ">@Jenthebodypainter</a>
Photo: Instagram/@Jenthebodypainter

The Stacey Twins, were the latest to meet up with Jen the Body Painter for another social experiment.

“One twin is body painted. One twin isn’t,” Jen revealed on Youtube.

A large majority of those tested couldn’t pick it, pointing out differences in their body shape or faces instead.

Photo: Instagram/@Jenthebodypainter
Photo: Instagram/@Jenthebodypainter

“It’s the eye line, that’s different,” one man guessed.

“You’ve got wider hips than your sister,” another said.

But eventually a few eagle-eyed viewers caught on.

“She’s got no clothes on,” one said pointing out the body paint.

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