Can you spot why this child's birthday cake is so shocking?

Rebekah Scanlan
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An innocent birthday cake topper is causing a stir on social media, because people think it looks X-rated.

A desperate mum shared a photo of a monkey made of icing, asking for their opinion on whether it was suitable for a kids cake.

Can you see why it has left people so shocked?

A photo of a birthday cake topper has gone viral because people think it looks rude. Source: Facebook

The blue animal — which has been sculpted to look like her daughter’s favourite toy — has been wrapped around a pink number one and the result is errr, rather rude.

“I’ve been told he looks like a stoned monkey with his willy out!” the frantic mum wrote on Facebook. 

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

Too rude for family

But while the mum said she was able to cope with friends finding the mishap funny, she admitted she couldn’t face humiliation in front of her family.

“I can deal with friends over Facebook being rude but not with family when I present the cake!” she said.

The user is scared her family will be horrified. Source: Giphy

“Is there anything I can do to save it?” she pleaded. 

Helpful users leapt to the distraught mum’s aid, offering useful tips such as putting a present between the monkey and offending flesh coloured number, as well as suggesting she separate them altogether.

The unidentified woman — who has another child under the age of three — appeared to attempt some of the tips with no luck.

Birthday cakes that make you blush

She’s not the only mum who has been in a bit of a pickle over a kids birthday cake topper.

Last week a Reddit user shared an image of a cake with the number two on top that looked like an extremely rude word.

Last week a photo of another birthday cake topper, that spelled out the word ‘two’ on top, went viral as it looked extremely crude when looked at from behind. Source: Reddit

The post was filled with hilarious comments about the design, with one person claiming the word is pretty ‘accurate’ for dealing with two-year-old’s.

“Having been around my share of two-year-old’s, that is the most accurate cake-topper ever invented,” the commenter said. LOL.

Another person claimed it was ‘the most Australian happy birthday message’ they’d ever seen.

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