Can you spot the cat hiding in this messy bedroom?

Rebekah Scanlan
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A hilarious video of a cat hiding in a messy room is going viral, because the “grumpy” moggy is so hard to see.

Rosie doesn’t seem to want to be found by her Aussie owner Gemma Peagno, camouflaging her white fur against the matching bed linen.

Can you see her?

This video of what appears to be just a messy bedroom is going viral because there’s a hidden cat amongst all the chaos. Source: Caters

Thankfully, Gemma has an eye for her fluffy companion, who is cleverly hidden behind her pillows, and helpfully zooms in.

Judging from the look on her face it’s clear the ten-year-old feline’s is unimpressed at being discovered.

Her dead pan stare is like an actual burn to the soul. We feel scorched.

Gemma, 24, adopted her last year and described Rosie her furry friend as “grumpy”. 

It’s only when the owner zooms in that you can see her cat, Rosie, hidden behind the pillows and giving the ultimate death stare. Source: Caters

“It was just me in the room with her at the time,” she said, describing how she hid behind the pillows while she was in the shower. 

Not wanting to miss the priceless moment, she had to carefully grab her phone to capture it.

“I’m not sure how long she had been there, and she stayed in that position for a few minutes before moving slightly,” Gemma added. 

Move over Grumpy Cat, looks like you’ve got competition.

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