Can you see what’s wrong with these leggings?

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

At first glance, these grey leopard print tights look like any other pair you might wear to the gym or the shops.

But look a little closer at these skintight leggings because they’re definitely not your normal pair.

In the latest creation by Instagram sensation Jen the Body Painter, these revealing tights actually show off a lot more than you’d think – because there’s actually none there at all.

Jen (right) has made a name for her inventive leggings. Photo: Instagram/jenthebodypainter

While wearing leggings for most of us are so comfy it feels like we’re wearing nothing at all, Jen’s leggings are actually that – nothing. Nothing but paint, that is.

Showing off her latest designs on model Maritza, Jen’s made a name for herself for duping unsuspecting members of the public into thinking her body paint creations are actually clothes.

These patterned tights aren’t your normal attire. Photo: Instagram/jenthebodypainter
Would you wear these skintight leggings? Photo: Instagram/jenthebodypainter

In one viral experiment, Jen even sent model Danii into a bar wearing what appeared to be an off-the-shoulder black top and jeans, but was actually just paint instead.

“How would you react to a naked girl approaching you at the bar?” Jen asked on Instagram.

For Jen, who has over 250,000 Instagram followers, her social media fame has come as a surprise.

“I started body painting 10 years ago as a single mum of three young kids,” she revealed on Instagram.

“Never did I think my work would evolve into something that is shared around the globe.”


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