Can you spot the NSFW blunder in this photo?

Olivia Morris
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An online advert for a wardrobe has gone viral for the most hilarious reason.

Sophie Eke posted the seemingly harmless photo, which was taken by her mother Julie, of the wardrobe on social media.

However, the British woman pointed out that her mum made a rather racy blunder when taking the snap for the advert.

Can you see what it is?

Can you spot why this photo has sent social media into meltdown? Photo: Twitter/Sophie Eke ‏

If you look closely, in the tiny mirror between the two wardrobes a reflection of Sophie’s mum’s breasts are visible – major oops.

Sophie couldn’t help but share the blunder on her Twitter account.

Turns out Julie didn’t even notice at first – a lady who viewed the ad pointed it out to her.

“I have put a wardrobe photo up to sell and a lady has messaged me to say she can see my boobs in the mirror,” Julie said in a text to her daughter.

Sophie shared the hilarious story about her mother on Twitter. Source: Twitter/Sophie Eke
A lady who viewed the ad pointed out the blunder to Julie. Source: Twitter/Sophie Eke

Sophie posted the text conversation with her mother on social media and it has since gotten 24,000 retweets and 89,000 likes.

Well, at least they’ll have a funny story to share as a family for years to come.

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