Kath and Kim reunite at the AACTAs

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The characters these TV stars made famous are two of the most recognisable in Australia.

But a decade after we farewelled their sitcom, we did a double take as they reunited on stage at the 2018 AACTA Awards.

However, it only took a second to place the familiar faces – after all, who could look past those outrageous outfits.

Their signature style was still on point, with the pair even finishing their outfits with handbags adorned with their faces. Source: Getty

Kath & Kim reunite

Jane Turner and Gina Riley, also known as Kath & Kim, were back in all their Fountain Gate glory.

The hilarious duo reprised their roles to present the award for best comedy at this year’s AACTAs, and even carried totes with Kath and Kim’s faces printed on them.

Just like in the classic noughties show, Gina, 57, — who plays daughter Kim — rocked her signature g-string, telling the crowd “it’s been a while” since she’d last worn one.

The pair played hilarious mum and daughter, Kath and Kim, from 2002 to 2007 – and even had a movie adaptation in 2012. Source: Getty
Gone are Kath’s signature curls at the 2018 AACTAs. Source: Getty

“It’s … an acquired taste,” she added, to an uproar from the audience. 

Kath looks unrecognisable without her curls

Meanwhile Jane, 58, — who played mum Kath — looked really different without her character’s signature curly wig.

She wore a super spunky red leather pantsuit for the occasion, and a pair of dark framed glasses – nice, different and unusual, you might say.

Commenting on her look, she asked the audience, “Does it make me a crim to keep myself trim?” 

Fans delighted

Fans loved the reunion, sharing their joy at seeing them back together for the first time since their movie Kath & Kimderella hit cinemas in 2012.   

Kath & Kim originally aired on the ABC from 2002 until 2005, before it was picked up by Channel 7 two years later for a fourth and final series.

The fictional characters were known for their epic one-liners and love of chardonnay wine, which they affectionally called “chardy”.

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