Can you figure out what this woman is holding?

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A couple’s holiday snap has the internet baffled, after it appears that the woman in the photo is holding a tree.

The snap, which was uploaded to Facebook by The Archbishop of Banterbury, shows a tanned young couple standing outside.

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And while everything might look perfectly normal at first glance, if you give it a closer look, you’ll see that the woman seems to be holding on to a massive tree.

Can you figure out what this woman is holding? Photo: Facebook

Of course, she’s not, but it’s taking people hours to figure out what she actually has in her hand.

“Been staring at this for the past how long and still can’t figure out what she’s holding apart from a tree,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“I can’t get her to stop holding the tree? What’s homegirl holding?,” another person said.

“I can’t work this out?,” a frustrated person commented.

It turns out that the woman is actually holding her bag, which just so happens to be the exact same colour as the bark of the tree.

Yet even when they knew the answer, some people still weren’t buying it.

“She is holding a bag but that still doesn’t explain the bit on top of her bag which looks identical to the tree? Her whole top arm is missing?,” one person commented.

It comes after an innocent holiday snap raised eyebrows on Reddit for a very cheeky reason.

At first glance, the image appears to show a man lying legs spread and stark naked.

What did you see at first? Photo: Imgur

But a closer look shows he’s actually wearing pants (phew) and it’s his girlfriend’s legs lying over his that create an optical illusion.

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