Can you legally drive barefoot in Australia?

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While most of us are currently focused on ugg boots and comfy shoes over winter, once summer hits  again a vast majority of Aussies will likely be sporting thongs as their footwear of choice.

If you wear thongs often – or strappy sandals and heels – one thing you will know is driving with them on can be a pain. So it will come as no surprise to hear that many of us choose to not wear them at all, and go barefoot in the car instead.

But is it actually legal to drive barefoot in Australia?

Is it actually legal to drive barefoot in Australia? Photo: Getty

As it turns out no state or territory actually has a written law which directly prohibits driving without shoes.

However, whether you have the appropriate footwear on will matter if you get into an accident, Lifehaker reports.

To clarify, under Australian Road Rules the driver must still take all precautions to drive in the safest manner possible.

Lawpath, a legal aid firm, explains on its website if in the unfortunate event that an accident does occur, further investigations will be taken to inquire whether or not the driver’s footwear (or lack of) played a role in the cause of the accident.

Your footwear will be considered in an accident. Photo: Getty

That means that if you are found guilty of your footwear playing a role, or even being the cause, of an accident, you could face substantial fines or further punishment depending on the severity.

Of course the idea of operating a vehicle in the safest manner possible, can mean removing your shoes or keeping them on.

If a driver feels that driving their car with certain shoes on poses a risk, then taking them off is the advice.

But there are other things to be aware of if you choose to do so. Avon Valley Garage warns driving without shoes could lead to painful long-distance driving, the danger of slipping off the pedals, or needing too much pressure to use the clutch.

Ultimately, Lawpath suggests to avoid the possibility of your footwear being considered after an accident by always having appropriate shoes on hand.

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