Mum swears pregnancy diet influenced her baby's sex

Rebekah Scanlan

Can what you eat really increase your chances of having a boy or a girl?

Well, according to fans of ‘gender influencing’ it can!

Bronwyn Brady is a mum of four from Brisbane who believes 'swaying' helped her to have her only daughter. Source: Supplied

Bronwyn Brady, 32, from Brisbane, is a mum of four and she believes ‘swaying’ (as it’s also known) helped her to conceive her only daughter.

“Before I had Blair, I’d had two boys naturally with my hubby,” she tells Be exclusively. “But after we swayed, I had a girl. There’s definitely something to it.”

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For those that aren’t familiar with ‘gender swaying’ techniques, they vary from using certain sexual positions to try and snag yourself your "desired" gender bub, to eating certain foods and even timing when you get jiggy.

It’s definitely only for the really committed and medically, has no strength to it.

After having Blair, now three, Bronwyn went on to fall pregnant again without using the techniques - and had a boy! Source: Supplied

But since the National Health and Medical Research Council’s ban on gender selection procedures in April, Aussie women are turning to them in droves.

After becoming a mum to her boys, Will, seven, and Sam, five, Bronwyn was left with an overwhelming urge to have a little girl.

“There’s something special about the bond between a mother and her daughter,” the creator of blog, Four to Adore, said. “If there was something out there that might help my chances to have a girl, it had to be worth a go.”

Like many parents-to-be who are desperate for a son or daughter, Bronwyn spent hours researching the various techniques in the vast online community before finally deciding to get cracking with her husband Luke.

“The main method I used was to control my diet,” she said. “I cut out bananas, potatoes and tomatoes – anything that was high in potassium.”

Could the ability to be able to choose what gender baby you have lie in the humble banana? Source: Getty

The theory behind this trick comes from a study once performed on sea worms.

It found that when immersed in potassium, they produced more male offspring and as such women hoping to assist nature to have a girl avoid the ingredient. But if you want a boy, go for your life!

Dr. Daniel Potter, is a gender selection doctor based in LA who works with Gender Selection Australia.

“Unfortunately there is no science backing the success of gender influencing via sex positions, diet or tracking female cycles or any other method other than via IVF with pre-genetic screening,” he told Be.

"Time and time again we read or hear about the latest and greatest ‘proven technique’ for gender influencing but unfortunately there's no scientific evidence whatsoever to back up these claims,” he said.

Since having her girl, Bronwyn admits she's enjoyed doing girly things with her, such as building a dolls house and playing dress ups. Source: Supplied

Still, swaying methods are so popular at the moment there are fertility 'specialists' popping up across Australia assisting often desperate couples with these unique practices.

For Bronwyn, she acknowledges that nothing can be “100 percent guaranteed” and suggests women who wish to have a baby of a particular sex don’t pin all their hopes on it working.

Bronwyn says 'there’s something special about the bond between a mother and her daughter' and it's the reason why she swayed during her third pregnancy. Source: Supplied

However, the mum-of-four has since had another little boy, eight-month-old Lachlan, concieved without swaying.

“It certainly gives you something to think about,” she said. “And if swaying helps a woman feel more in control of their situation, then why not?”

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