The real reason why Camilla had a 'change of heart' about Aussie trip

Sarah Carty

There was no mention of her when it was announced Prince Charles would be traveling to Australia for the opening of the Commonwealth Games this year.

And now the real reason why Camilla had a ‘change of heart’ over accompanying her husband to Brisbane in April has been revealed.

Last month, it was reported that Camilla has pulled out of the royal trip Down Under.

It's been confirmed that Camilla will accompany Prince Charles on his trip to Australia. Photo: Getty Images

The Duchess’ travel sickness was blamed for the late cancelation, with sources claiming Camilla isn’t very good with such long-haul flights.

However, just last week, it was then confirmed that Camilla would indeed be showing her face in Australia, but just for two days, from April 4th until April 6th.

Now, the Express has reported that the Duchess of Cornwall’s short visit might all be about making sure her husband cements his place as head of the Commonwealth in Australia when the Queen decides to step down.

Prince Charles’ position has been debated recently, with many pointing out that the royal wouldn’t automatically be given the title should the Monarch give it up.

It's believed Camilla wants to ensure Prince Charles has the support of the government over making him the head of the Commonwealth should the Queen step down. Photo: Getty Images
Camilla will be in Australia from April 4th until April 6th. Photo: Getty Images

However, the government last week revealed that they would be standing by a decision former Prime Minister Julia Gillard made to support Prince Charles’ succession.

It’s believed that Camilla now wants to put on a united front with the heir to the British throne, even if that means making the 26+ hour journey to Australia for two days.

“It’s one hell of a journey for a very short space of time but the Duchess loves Australia and the people so she is really looking forward to it, even though she doesn’t relish the flying,” a royal insider told the Express.

Another reason for such a short trip could be down to the Duchess of Cambridge, who is due at the beginning of April.

Perhaps the Duchess of Cornwall would like to be there to welcome Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child into the world.

Prince Charles will stay in Australia until April 10th. He's set to visit the Northern Territory and Queensland.

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