Calum Scott on the pressure of making his second album

Calum Scott sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to talk about making his second album.

Video transcript

CALUM SCOTT: I do feel-- I mean, I'm obviously massively excited about, you know, a second album, new music. You know, this has been a long time in the making, but good things take time. You know, I've been writing this for a while and put my heart and soul into it. And I think this, for me, was my kind of coming of age album, in a way.

You know, when I released "Dancing On My Own" back in 2015, 2016, I had no idea where music would take me. And all of a sudden I was signed by Capitol Records, and they were like, oh, we want you to write an album. And I was like, this is crazy, and then started, like, pulling all this inspiration.

And then I think that was very much me in my infancy of being an artist. And then, along the way and seeing how the music is reacted and touring the album and all that kind of stuff, it kind of prepped me for album two as, you know, this is-- you're now an artist. You know, this isn't just-- you know, you've had a dream come true. This is, like, proper serious. This is your career.

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CALUM SCOTT: And so, like, album two was very much, you know, a mirror held against me. What it is do you want to say? You know, how do you want to-- what do you want to sort of get together in this album? And what do you want to kind of-- you know, now that you're gonna be able to tour it, what is it you want to kind of go around the world and talk about?

And I think, for me, that made me grow into my role, and it sort of made me more confident and more assured. And still very vulnerable and still kind of pouring my heart out and writing-- you know, writing songs from sort of pretty personal places. Especially the title track "Bridges" is one of the most personal songs I've ever written.

But, you know, having all that come together, it kind of made me confident in who I am and as a man and as an artist and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. And I think that's-- it's sort of bundled together a really beautiful collection of songs, which just makes me excited to tour that and to get that out.

But it also terrifies me because it's like the first album. I had no idea what the first album would do, and it's gone on to do such amazing things. Then the second album, I'm kind of like-- I mean, yes, I knew-- yeah, I know what it feels like to put out an album. But, you know, a second album a few years later, it's like you're-- it's like your first day at school again, do you know? Like--

- Yeah.

CALUM SCOTT: I just-- I'm so, like-- I'm so excited by the journey that it might go on, you know, but also terrified. Because it's like, you just don't know what's gonna happen. So, yeah, mixed emotions.

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