Calum Scott on how Dancing On My Own changed his life

Calum Scott reveals how Dancing On My Own changed his life.

Video transcript

CALUM SCOTT: It was funny the audition popped up on my phone the other day. I think somebody put it on TikTok. And I was just watching it again. And it's just like, I had no idea when I was stood on that stage that it would send my life in this kind of a trajectory.

And ever since-- I mean, I'd sang this song a lot before then. I'd sang it locally and in competitions, and I'd done my own version on YouTube and all that kind of stuff. But then just watching, like, how that song has just completely changed my life, it's-- I don't think I'll ever tire of it because I dip into this kind of unlimited pool of inspiration with that song.

And, you know, every time I sing it I have this weird, surreal moment where it'll take me back to when I was sat at my desk at human resources just, like, [SIGHS] maybe one day I'll get to do something I love. And now I do because of that song. So I suppose it's kind of-- it's just limitless, in terms of the joy that I get out of singing that song.

Yeah, I'm not-- I'm not bored of it yet. I'll put it that way.

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