'Callous' teen left dying girl after stolen car crash

Darren England/AAP PHOTOS

After crashing a Lexus into a two-storey house at more than 100km/h Kelton Dallas James Fuller fled, leaving bystanders to resuscitate his bleeding unconscious girlfriend.

In a callous move, the then 19-year-old ran away because he was behind the wheel of a stolen car, had no licence and was on parole, Judge Vicki Loury said.

Fuller pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court on Wednesday to dangerous operation of a vehicle causing grievous bodily harm to two of his passengers on February 7 last year.

The station wagon had been travelling at up to 141km/h in a 60km/h speed limit zone in a residential area in Brisbane's Sunnybank Hills suburb before the crash about 11.17pm.

At a T-intersection Fuller braked and accelerated simultaneously before mounting a curb, driving through a garden bed and crashing into the house at 107km/h.

He pulled his then 17-year-old girlfriend - who was unconscious and covered in blood from head injuries - out before fleeing in another stolen vehicle with two boys aged 15 and 16.

Neighbours saved the girl's life by giving her cardiopulmonary resuscitation but she suffered a traumatic brain injury and spine fractures.

Fuller - who had been released on parole about six weeks before - was arrested the following day with the younger boy who lost the function of his kidney from injuries in the crash.

He lied to police about the 16-year-old being the driver before admitting to family during a call from prison that he was behind the wheel.

"It was lucky that no one was killed, including yourself, given you weren't wearing a seatbelt," Judge Loury told Fuller.

Leaving the seriously injured teen was callous and showed a complete disregard for her life.

"You were concerned only about yourself."

She was in hospital for five months, rehabilitation for 10 weeks and needs daily help from a support worker.

The crash also had enormous financial impacts with the Lexus valued at more than $48,000 destroyed and house repairs costing more than $154,000.

Fuller's sporting skills got him into Nudgee College for a short time but the boy would fall asleep in class due to domestic violence and drug use in the house where he was living, the court was told.

After leaving school in grade 7 he lived with friends or on the streets and used meth from the age of 14.

The now 21-year-old's youth was of less significance in sentencing as he had shown a complete disregard for community safety from the age of 18, Judge Loury said.

"It is of less significance when you present as a real danger to our community."

She sentenced Fuller to four years behind bars, ordering his eligibility for parole on March 19 after being in custody since February last year.

The father of one is disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for three years.