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There's No Denying That the Chewbacca Cubcoat Is Adorable

Buy it here: Star Wars Chewbacca Cubcoat ($50)

Calling It Now: These Stars Wars Toys That Transform Into Hoodies Will Be a Huge Hit This Christmas

We love a good deal, whether it's BOGO Build-a-Bears or half-off wine (preferably the latter), so we could hardly contain our excitement when we heard about Cubcoats. The genius company makes huggable plush toys that transform into soft sweatshirts for kids, so they're basically like two gifts for the price of one. All your child has to do is unzip the back of their Cubcoat toy, roll out the hoodie, tuck the toy away in the hood, and voilà - they've got a cuddly jacket that can instantly be converted back into a toy once naptime rolls around.

Cubcoats sells a boatload of adorable toy-sweatshirt hybrids, from puppies and pandas to Minnie Mouses and minions, but with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Dec. 20 release approaching, its Star Wars-themed options are sure to delight your lightsaber-obsessed kiddo. Like the rest of Cubcoats's offerings, the wearable Star Wars toys are made with machine-washable materials in case any mid-play session spillages occur, and they come in sizes for children ranging from 2 to 8 years old. Keep reading to see the cute new Cubcoats, along with a few more of our favorite movie-related hoodies from the brand.


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