Cal Ripken Jr.'s floating head makes cameo in wife's confirmation hearing

Jack Baer
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The senate confirmation of Judge Laura Ripken to Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals saw a brief cameo from the floating head of her husband: Cal Ripken Jr.

As the judge praised her husband's support while addressing the Maryland state senate, the Baltimore Orioles great's head flitted on and off the screen in a video obtained by the Capital Gazette. His wife needed a second to laugh before continuing.

You can see the full video on the Gazette's site, but this tweet gives you the gist of it:

"Joining me here today in our home office is my husband, Cal, who has been my biggest fan, the most wonderful husband imaginable and the best person I know," Ripken said. "And with that, I welcome any questions that you might have related to my appointment."

It is reportedly customary for a judge's spouse to join them during a confirmation hearing, so Ripken's Jor-El-esque presence wouldn't have been a total surprise. At least not compared to, say, a lawyer appearing in virtual court with an unwanted cat filter.

The couple married in October 2018, with the Hon. Laura Kiessling taking the last name associated with a 21-year Hall of Fame career with the local baseball club and one of sports' most hallowed records, Ripken's 2,632 consecutive games played. Before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Judge Ripken spent more than a decade on the bench in Ann Arundel.

Former Baltimore Orioles great Cal Ripken Jr. attends the 1989 team reunion prior to a 2019 game at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.
Cal Ripken Jr.'s head flitted in and out of the video conference confirmation of his wife, Judge Laura Ripken. (Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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