Cadbury Marble chocolate is officially back after 8 years

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Chocaholics rejoice because the good folks at Cadbury Australia have officially announced that the highly popular Marble block is coming back after eight long years.

‘Bring Back Cadbury Marble,’ a Facebook group dedicated to campaigning for the milk, white and hazelnut praline creation’s return, revealed the happy news in a post on Friday.

Cadbury's popular Marble chocolate is officially coming back after 12 years. Photo: Facebook/BringBackCadburyMarble.

“And there it is confirmation. WE DID IT! All those letters, spam attacks and nagging got us the win! You’re welcome Australia. VIVE LA MARBLE!” stated the caption.

The group shared an official press release from Cadbury thanking them for their ‘passion and commitment’ to the classic flavour that was rudely removed from supermarket shelves over a decade ago.

“We can officially confirm we’re bringing Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble back!” the statement read.

Fans rejoice at Cadbury Marble’s return

Needless to say, Marble fans were over the moon and flooded the comments section with their thanks and excitement.

“That is amazing! A huge effort on your part, well done,” wrote one.

Thank you for your persistence! All of our polite nagging has finally paid off been waiting years for this,” said another.

‘This is the best news I have got all day,” one declared.

There’s no word when, where and in what size the delectable confectionary will be back - nor whether it will be a limited edition or permanent - as yet, so stay tuned!

Cadbury Marble chocolate is officially back after 12 years. Photo: Facebook/BringBackCadburyMarble.

Back in August 2019, the ‘Bring Back Cadbury Marble’ page ‘leaked’ a photo of a ‘prototype’ of the beloved block and promptly sent the internet into meltdown.

“Leaked Marble prototype pic from testing. 8 years of war against Cadbury Dairy Milk is coming to an end!!! Vive La Marble,” read the caption.

Six months later the page shared a snap of a man holding a bar in what appeared to be refreshed packaging along with the thrilling news that Marble would make its long-awaited comeback in 2020.

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