Cadbury launches surprise new product

Cadbury releases new Creme Egg range
Cadbury releases new Creme Egg range. Picture: Supplied

Cadbury has teamed up with an iconic ice-cream brand to launch a surprise new product, available at Coles just in time for Easter.

Teaming up with Peters Ice Cream, the brands have collaborated to launch a never-before-seen frozen Easter treat for Creme Egg lovers.

The brands are launching the Cadbury Creme Egg ice-cream tub and bringing back the much-loved Creme Egg chocolate coated ice-cream sticks.

Cadbury releases new Creme Egg range
Cadbury has released a new frozen Creme Egg range. Picture: Supplied

Both frozen desserts include the iconic gooey centre of a Creme Egg and will be exclusively available at Coles for a limited time only.

The tub will be generously loaded with Cadbury milk chocolate pieces, swirled throughout vanilla ice-cream and filled with a delicious Creme Egg core.

Meanwhile, the Creme Eggs sticks will have vanilla ice-cream and a Creme Egg centre, coated with smooth chocolate.

Head of Marketing at Peters Ice Cream, Andrea Hamori, said the company knows Aussies are obsessed with Creme Eggs.

Cadbury releases new Creme Egg range
The products include a tub.
Cadbury releases new Creme Egg range
The ice-cream stick is also making a comeback.

“The sweet gooeyness that only a Creme Egg can deliver is irresistible to Aussies looking for a fun Easter snack,” she said.

“Knowing the scale of their popularity makes releasing this Creme Egg frozen duo in the lead-up to Easter that much sweeter.

“We’re confident these treats, and new Cadbury Creme Egg Tub, will swiftly claim a rightful spot as a seasonal must-have.”

The new products come after almost six million Cadbury Creme Eggs were sold over the 2023 Easter period.

Chocolate-lovers are being urged to be quick and snap up the desserts before they sell out, with the tubs retailing at $12 and the sticks for $9.50 per box.