Cadbury releases new Pineapple Lumps chocolate blocks to rival Caramilk

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Cadbury follows Caramilk with Pineapple Lumps chocolate blocks. Photo: Instagram/rateoroast.

In the same month that saw the release of the wildly popular Caramilk, Cadbury has blessed Aussie chocaholics once again by introducing a very special new flavour: the Dairy Milk Pineapple Lumps block.

Inspired by New Zealand favourite Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps, this new iteration features the Cadbury taste we all know and love with the addition of ‘chewy pineapple flavoured marshmallows’.

The sweet sensation hit supermarket shelves earlier this week, with excited shoppers calling it a ‘Kiwi Sugar Fix’.

Cadbury’s surprise block

The limited-edition flavour has been tickling the tastebuds of our kiwi friends across the ditch since September, and now Aussies can have their turn.

“Cadbury Dairy Milk inspired by Pineapple Lumps has been flying off shelves in New Zealand in recent weeks, so it’s exciting for us to be able to make it available to Aussie Cadbury fans at independent retailers,” Katrina Watson, marketing manager for CADBURY DAIRY MILK tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Despite only being released a few short days ago the Pineapple Lumps block has already been given the tick of approval by sweet tooths.

The team behind the Instagram account @rateorroast gave the block a glowing review.

“Was quite skeptical [sic] of the #cadbury's latest #limitededition #chocolate but these were surprisingly better than the actual #pineapplelumps ! 🍍 #RATE,” they wrote.

“Yes, it exists. Yes, I have it. Yes, it's AWESOME!” said another thrilled fan.

“The smell of pineapple LEAPS out the minute you peel the packet open 🤩🤤 I'm in heaven,” was @neko_snacks’ opinion.

Cadbury follows Caramilk with Pineapple Lumps chocolate blocks. Photo: Instagram/neko_snacks.
Cadbury follows Caramilk with Pineapple Lumps chocolate blocks. Photo: Instagram/neko_snacks.

What are Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps?

Cadbury’s Pineapple Lumps block is inspired by another chocolately treat, Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps.

Branded a ‘National Treasure’ in New Zealand, the bite-sized treats are described on the brand’s website as, “Delicious, chewy pineapple centres, smothered in a chocolate coating”.

If you’re keen to try the inspiration behind Cadbury’s hit new flavour, Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps are sold in most Aussie grocery stores.

Where to buy Cadbury’s Pineapple Lumps blocks

Here’s where you can get your hands on Cadbury’s hot new taste:

“The delicious combination of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate and chewy pineapple-flavoured marshmallows is available at IGA, Supa IGA and Ritchies supermarkets for a limited time, so get your hands on some before it disappears from Aussie shelves,” Katrina tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

If the popularity of Caramilk is anything to go by, Cadbury’s Pineapple Lumps block is sure to be a sell-out.

Cadbury follows Caramilk with Pineapple Lumps chocolate blocks. Photo: Instagram/_catherinegrace_.
Cadbury follows Caramilk with Pineapple Lumps chocolate blocks. Photo: Instagram/daynemichalak.

Caramilk a sell-out

After months of rumours, Cadbury caved to customer pressure and announced that they’d be bringing back Caramilk for good in early October.

While the hybrid caramel and white chocolate bar is now part of the brand’s permanent chocolate range, it’s still hard to find.

As recently as a day ago, Caramilk-aholics took to Instagram to share their despair at the empty supermarket shelves.

“Cadbury wtf, give us our Caramilk!” vented one.

“I've been to 5 woolworths and 4 Coles... all have been sold out for 2 weeks now,” commented another.

The creamy flavour is so sought-after that blocks of the stuff are reportedly being flogged for wildly inflated prices on eBay.

Caramilk fans were left devastated when Cadbury discontinued the flavour back in 1994 before returning for a short run in early 2018 and promptly selling out.

Cadbury capitalised on the Caramilk craze by releasing a Caramilk-inspired tub of Philadelphia cream cheese.

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