Cabinet authorizes dismantling of monuments to Shchors and Pushkin in Kyiv

Monument to Pushkin in Kyiv
Monument to Pushkin in Kyiv

The Cabinet of Ministers has removed Kyiv monuments dedicated to Russian writer Alexander Pushkin and Bolshevik leader Mykola Shchors from the national register of cultural landmarks, Ukraine’s Culture Ministry reported on Nov. 10.

Acting Culture Minister Rostyslav Karandeyev stated that it is now the responsibility of local authorities to dismantle and relocate the monuments.

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Besides the two major monuments, the memorial grave of General Nikolai Vatutin in Mariinsky Park has also been struck from the register, along with several other minor landmarks.

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Additionally, monuments to Pushkin in Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, and Odesa; Prince Vorontsov in Odesa; Russian military commander Suvorov in Izmail; Admiral Ushakov in Kherson; and the memorial "Ukraine to the Liberators" in Uzhhorod, as well as the Memorial Complex to the Fighters of the [October] Revolution in Luhansk, have also been cleared for dismantling.

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On Nov. 8, Kyiv city authorities stated they were unable to dismantle a number of memorial sites that still held the status of national landmarks. Following this declaration, Kyiv City State Administration appealed to the Ministry of Culture to expedite the decision-making process to amend the register.

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