Buying cruelty-free cosmetics is set to get a whole lot easier

Allison Yee

They’re the essentials of life (for some of us more than others) but think about all the beauty products littering your bathroom cabinet.

Do you know if they’ve been tested on animals?

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Come July next year, buying cruelty-free make-up will be much easier with thousands of products to be banned from sale following a pledge by the Federal Government to outlaw the sale of animal-tested products.

Although the laws only apply to new products meaning existing ones won’t be pulled from the shelves, animal welfare groups say it’s a win.

Photo: Getty images
Photo: Getty images

“It’s great to know Australia is inching ever closer towards the day when there will be no product on a supermarket shelf that was tested on animals,” Animals Australia Communications Director Lisa Chalk told Yahoo7 Lifestyle.

“These tests are as gruesome as they are archaic. Rabbits have chemicals dripped into their eyes, dogs are inflicted with chemical burns and smaller animals can be force-fed toxic chemicals. It’s cruelty impossible to justify for the sake of a shampoo or lip stick.”

“If these products are banned from being sold in Australia then it will send a very strong message to those major brands yet to commit to end animal testing and hopefully have broader ramifications beyond our own country for how animals are treated by these industries.”

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With the RSPCA estimating that 27,000 animals are being used for cosmetic testing every year, banned products are set to include things such as make-up, perfume and toothpaste.

Not sure which brands to buy? Check out the list at Choose Cruelty Free here.