Burger King Wants You To Disappoint Your Homecoming Date By Taking Them There For Dinner

Burger King homecoming meal for two
Burger King homecoming meal for two - Burger King

Burger King just asked customers one of the most important questions of the season: "Will you go to Homecoming with me?" Beginning on September 21, the fast food chain is offering a $10 BK Homecoming Meal for two, encouraging customers to grab a bite before heading to their annual HoCo festivities. In a press release, the fast food chain reveals that the BK Homecoming Meal features two Whopper Jr. sandwiches, two milkshakes, an order of french fries, and an order of onion rings. This brand-new promotion is aimed at young customers who are headed to their high school or collegiate Homecoming celebrations, encouraging fans to surprise their date with a cost-effective, no-frills meal before an evening of school spirit.

While we're all for saving a few bucks, we aren't sure how impressed your Homecoming date will be when you escort them to Burger King and drop a whole $10 on your combined meal -- especially after they spent hours getting ready and putting on their best attire just to slide into a booth as overhead fluorescent lighting flickers onto their shimmering fit. Even the most laidback date is probably expecting a little more glamour than a Burger King crown. Your best bet is bringing your buddies to enjoy a budget-friendly dinner before heading to homecoming, or maybe grabbing a late-night bite with your date when the fancy festivities have concluded and you're both craving a burger after all that dancing.

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This Burger King Meal Comes With An Exclusive Crown, But Don't Expect A Sash Or Roses

young people eating Burger King
young people eating Burger King - Burger King

Homecoming Court nominees who don't walk away with the winning crown can still snag a consolation prize at Burger King thanks to the chain's $10 Homecoming Meal for two. According to the press release, restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Oklahoma City will be offering special crowns to patrons who order the Homecoming Meal. Burger King has a long history of redesigning its iconic crowns to celebrate different events and promote current menu offerings, like the pop art-inspired birthday crown offered last year on Burger King's 68th birthday. This year's HoCo-themed crowns are decorated with sparkling details and "Homecoming" written in bold lettering.

If you aren't located in one of the major cities that will be supplied with the Burger King Homecoming crowns, you might still be able to snag a classic crown from the Whopper-purveyor to wear while you dance the night away. Most restaurant locations regularly keep a stash of their recognizable accessory to give out to kids ordering King Jr. meals, but customers of all ages can ask for a free Burger King crown of their very own ... although, we aren't sure if a paper crown will make up for the fact that you brought your date to a fast food joint.

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