Burger King customer claims worker's uniform is 'a distraction'

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A Burger King worker in the US has slammed a customer who complained the employee's uniform was "too distracting" for the woman's husband.

TikTok user @rockefeller.o took to the app to share the complaint, leaving viewers shocked.

A Burger King worker has slammed a customer who claimed her uniform was
A Burger King worker has slammed a customer who claimed her uniform was "a distraction" to her husband. Photo: TikTok/@rockefeller.o

In the video, which has been seen almost 16 million times, she shows her uniform which features a polo shirt with black jeans, a visor and a plain black face mask - not exactly that distracting.


She wrote: "I had a lady complain today because my uniform was a 'distraction' to her husband... I guess I'll leave my a** at home next time?"

In the comments, she added: "Apparently she was trying to tell him something and he wasn't paying attention so he got upset."

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Many viewers were left angry on the TikToker's behalf with one user writing: "Nah the husband gotta leave his eyes at home next time."

"She's mad at the wrong person!" another added.

"Girllll you look so good I don't blame him for looking respectfully," someone else said.

"Aaaaaand that's why Karens will be the fall of America," another said.

She joked,
She joked, "I guess I'll leave my a** at home next time?" Photo: TikTok/rockefeller.o

"LOL she hasn't seen her husband excited in a long time," someone added.

"He wanted two Whoppers but got two pancakes instead," another joked.

One user wrote: "And you're supposed to have the shirt tucked in anyway."

To which she responded: "I only untucked it because she started yelling at me."

She also jokingly added that the woman probably wanted her in a trench coat to serve them at the counter.

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