Mum's 'amazing' Hamptons-style upcycle using Bunnings items

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Hamptons style furniture is hugely popular in Aussie homes today, but it is also very expensive!

So when a Melbourne mum managed to upcycle a dated wooden buffet to look fresh and modern with that Hamptons feel, mums on Facebook were righty impressed.

"I picked up this old buffet off Facebook marketplace for $100 and transformed it into this!" mum of three Tayler posted in the Bunnings Mums, Inspiration, Hacks, Tips And Tricks Facebook group.

"Everything I used was from Bunnings apart from the rattan which was from Kmart," she added.

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An upcycle buffet using Bunnings products and the dated cabinet before it was transformed
Tayler's upcycle of a dated buffet using Bunnings products saved her $3,500 on buying a Hampton's style cabinet. Photo: Supplied

Fans of the page loved the outcome of the mum's upcycle with almost 2,500 liking the post in 24 hours and leaving over 250 comments!

"Wow! you gave it new life and it looks amazing!," one person commented

"Looks brilliant! Awesome work! I love what you’ve done with this buffet!," another wrote.

Tayler was surprised as she had actually posted the project during Covid lockdowns but it somehow got missed by the group admins.

"Wow! I posted this about a year ago & it only got accepted now on the page hahaha," she said in the comments.

"I live in Melbourne and was in one of the longest lockdowns in the world. It was a very mentally hard time," Tayler revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

"I had been wanting a similar buffet that I saw in a shop one day but it was over $4,000.

"So I thought I would have a look on Facebook marketplace and see if I could refurbish one cheaper.

"I didn’t find it too hard, I enjoyed doing it as there was nothing else to do," she said.

"I just took my time and did it in between my kids' nap times and when they went to bed at night. It was almost like a getaway," she added laughing.

Tayler also gave more details on how she created the impressive transformation on her Instagram page.

"I took it all apart, removed the old hinges, door handles, glass etc.

"I then filled in all the holes from the hinges & handles with filler (I didn’t need to sand the entire buffet back - just the parts I filled.)," she wrote.

"I used an undercoat/primer & then I painted it in the colour 'Lexicon 1/4.'

"I mainly used a roller to apply the paint & did about 2-3 coats to ensure that I got full coverage.

"I replaced the handles with these black ones that I purchased from @bunnings (I also purchased the paint/rollers/filler etc. from Bunnings).

"I removed the glass & replaced it with a roll of Rattan webbing that I purchased from @kmartaus.

"I used a staple gun to staple the rattan to the back of the door. And voila!," she said.

She has some advice for others who want to try and upcycle a piece of furniture too.

"Have a vision in mind of what you want when you are looking for a piece of furniture," she told us.

"Try and look past how it looks now and try to envision what it could look like with a bit of TLC.

"Be creative and most of all, have fun!"

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