$30 Bunnings product saving Aussies $3k per year

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Aussies could slash almost $3000 from their household spending this year, after a savvy shopper shared a brilliant Bunnings buy that’s been right under our noses for years.

Shared to Reddit group Australia earlier this month by a man who can only be described as an Aussie legend, the bulk product is the Peerles Jal 5L Active "O" Spray And Wipe Cleaner in a jumbo 5-litre bottle sold by Bunnings.

The comparison shared by an Aussie Reddit user will change your cleaning spending. Photo: Reddit/A_Cat_Named_Frank

Retailing at $27.44 for 5 litres, or about $5.50 per litre, the innocuous-looking white packaging hides a mindblowing savings opportunity when compared with the classic disinfectant most of us pick up for our homes.

As the Reddit user behind the genius thread points out, the five-litre product is a concentrate, meaning once diluted it will provide about 300 litres of spray and wipe.

A standard bottle of spray and wipe from Coles or Woolworths, retails at around $4 or $5 for 500ml, or $8 or $10 a litre.

In other words, in standard packaging from the average supermarket, a shopper will pay between $2400- $3000, for the same amount of product in the $30 Bunnings buy.

Environmentally friendly cleaning option

The bulk option will save 599 individual spray bottle being used. Photo: Getty Images

Not only will it be welcome news for household bank accounts, but it’s also a more environmentally friendly option.

Over 660 individual spray bottles would be used to provide the same amount of product offered by the single bulk package.

If used with a reusable spray bottle, the 5-litre tub saves about 599 plastic bottles from being used.

The mind-blowing cleaning hack was unsurprisingly a massive hit with online users, many of whom were kicking themselves that they hadn’t clued in to the major saver earlier.

“It makes the prices in the supermarkets look pretty poor doesn't it?” one person wrote.

“Can confirm, have had the exact bottle for 4 years!” another testified.

“This is genuinely one of the best [Life Tips] I've ever seen,” another wrote.

The same trick can be applied to most household products, from food items to chemicals, though of course, the fact that the cleaning products don’t have an expiry date makes it the most desirable bulk buy, and the most effective saver.

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