$2.50 Bunnings buy transforms outdoor area: 'So clever'

Sarah Carty
·Features & Style Editor
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If your outdoor area is in need of a sprucing up before the warm weather hits, this mum has a hack that has thrilled thrifty DIYers online.

The woman took to a Bunnings fan account on Facebook to upload a snap of her handy work, with many calling it ‘awesome’ and ‘so clever’.

Outdoor carpet created using Bunnings mats
A woman has transformed her outdoor space with a clever Bunnings hack. Photo: Facebook

She simply took $2.50 seagrass door mats and bound them together with twine, managing to create one chic outdoor mat for less than $40.

The woman, who said she is “pretty happy with how it turned out” said the hard part about it was getting the straight outer edges to align, as the mats can vary in size.

Her hard work paid off though, as the stunning creation is water resistant, made from natural materials and according to the Bunnings website, the mats are low maintenance.


 $2.50 seagrass mats from Bunnings.
She used $2.50 seagrass mats from Bunnings. Photo: Bunnings
Plant pot using Bunnings mat
A commenter posted her own hack using the same mats. Photo: Facebook

The website does state that the mats are not suitable for outdoor use, however from the photo, it looks like the woman’s outdoor area is covered.

People online were quick to comment commending the mum on her epic transformation.

“Look out Bunnings....you’re gonna need a bigger order of mats,” one person wrote.

“I have these at front and back door. 4 or 5 zip tied together. Awesome hard wearing and the dirt and dust falls straight through so they always look clean,” another person wrote.

“Looks fantastic and it would be heavy enough not to curl, which jute rugs can do. Well done,” a commented said.

Another person said the mum should try another hack with the mats, which shows people covering plant pots with the budget buy.

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