Airlie Dodds and Tony D'Aquino on 'The Furies', winning 'Best Kill', and breaking overdone horror tropes

'The Furies' actress Airlie Dodds and director Tony D'Aquino in the BUILD Sydney studio. Photo: BUILD

Actress Airlie Dodds and director Tony D'Aquino join Danny Clayton in the BUILD Sydney studio to chat about the making of their new slasher film The Furies.

While he wanted to delve into the slasher subgenre, Tony says he was wary of how problematic and misogynistic they can be in the way women are typically portrayed.

“I did want to address that in this film and have it really about the women and their struggle to survive and make sure they all act intelligently and have their own agency and not waiting for men to come and rescue them,” he explains.

Tony and Airlie also reveal what it takes to win 'Best Kill' at Fright Fest, the challenge of shocking people in 2019, and breaking overdone horror tropes.

The Furies is in cinemas November 7

Check out their full interview below:

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