Brixton stabbing: First picture of man, 21, who died in front of distraught mum and sister

Ronaldo Scott, 21, was killed in a knife attack  (Supplied)
Ronaldo Scott, 21, was killed in a knife attack (Supplied)

One of two men stabbed to death within hours of each other in separate attacks across south and north west London has been named.

Ronaldo Scott, 21, was chased by men who jumped out of a car and killed him in broad daylight on Morrison Road, Angell Town, Brixton just after midday on Monday.

He staggered to a children’s playground close to his home where he died in front of his mother, witnesses said.

The Metropolitan Police added another man, whose age is not known, was found fatally stabbed with a wound to the chest 17 miles away on Masefield Avenue, Stanmore shortly before 5pm.

Police cordons remain at both scenes while two murder investigations continue. There have been no arrests.

Pastor Lorraine Jones, whose son Dwayne, 20, was stabbed to death on the Angell Town estate in 2014, said: “So tents are being erected with a dead body at a kids’ playground. What’s next?

“It’s a state of emergency. We all need to stop the violence together.”

Police at the scene of the murder (X / @BennnyH)
Police at the scene of the murder (X / @BennnyH)

Neighbours said Mr Scott, known by the street name of Skengroy, was stabbed multiple times and his sister raised the alarm as he lay dying at the gate of the park.

He had recently started a course in construction and was looking forward to a career in the building trade.

The family of a Mr Scott have described him as a “loving, caring, family man”.

Ronaldo Scott’s aunt said: “He was a loving caring family man with his future ahead of him.

“He was starting a career in construction and was very excited about it. He was learning to drive and just last week went on a family camping trip which he loved.

Ronaldo died in front of his mother and sister (Instagram)
Ronaldo died in front of his mother and sister (Instagram)

“He was generous and playful and took younger members of the family under his wing. He had a bright future ahead of him that has been taken from us all. “

A family friend, 55, accompanied his mother to the scene where she found him being treated by paramedics.

She told the Standard: “The sister was shouting, she was literally shouting murder.

“I went with the mum to the scene. He was there being treated by paramedics. There was an air ambulance.

Police guard the playground on Morrison Road, Angell Town, Brixton  on Tuesday (John Dunne)
Police guard the playground on Morrison Road, Angell Town, Brixton on Tuesday (John Dunne)

“He had so many injuries, they were trying to stop the blood. He went into cardiac arrest twice. The second time they couldn’t revive him.

“His mother begged to go to him. She had to watch him dying in front of her eyes. She had lost it - she couldn’t even speak. But his sister was screaming, it was horrific.

“After he died, the mum begged to be with him but we were told she couldn’t because forensics needed to work. His body was there until the evening.”

The friend claimed the killers were from out of the area and believed Mr Scott had been targeted.

She added: “They were after him. I have no idea why.”

Flowers were left at the spot where the victim - described as “really supportive and helpful” - died.

“I’ve known the family for a long time,” she continued. “The mum is a lovely person she shouldn’t have to go through this hell.

“I’m also in pain and I’m angry. Most of the CCTV in the area doesn’t work and there is a lot of serious crime. There need to be more resources it’s a nightmare.”

A witness said: “I saw the victim collapse, there was a lot of blood. Everyone called 999.

“Children play in the park. Now kids are starting the new term walking to school through police tape.”

Police are collecting CCTV footage from around Brixton while forensic officers have been trawling the scene for clues.

Any witnesses to either attack is asked to call police on 101.