Woman shares how she discovered she had two vaginas on TikTok

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Brittany Jacobs had no idea she had a rare condition until she gave birth to her first child.

The 26-year-old was told by doctors she had uterine didelphys – leaving her with two uteruses, two cervixes, and two vaginas - after they had to cut her septum during an extremely painful childbirth.

Brittany Jacobs
Brittany Jacobs had no idea about her rare condition until she gave birth to her first child. Photo: Jam Press/australscope

"They were trying to deliver my first-born son when they noticed my septum," Brittany, who now has two children, told Jam Press.

"I do not remember much but I do remember it was so painful – I was kicking and screaming and begging myself to pass out.

"They eventually gave me an epidural and then cut it. At that point, it was painless."

The student and her husband Gregory, 26, were stunned by the diagnosis, but it helped explain how difficult their sex life had been.


The couple, who live in North Carolina, US, had always struggled and both found the experience “uncomfortable” – due to the size of her vagina being “halved”.

"When I brought it up to my doctors they told me I just needed to relax before having intercourse," she recalled, saying she was frustrated by the apparent lack of knowledge around her condition.

Brittany Jacobs and two boys
She now has two children. Photo: Jam Press/australscope

"There is knowledge of my condition as a birth defect but as far as long-term issues go, I have had to rely on my support group," she added.

“We still try to rely on verified information – women discuss their research articles, conversations with doctors, ultrasound results and much more. Sometimes you have to rely on word of mouth from people that also suffer with uterine didelphys."

The mum admits there is one benefit to having the unique condition, describing it as a “cool story”, deciding to share videos about it on TikTok, which has shocked many of her 112,700 followers.

"Now I have many more questions," one person comment on a clip where she revealed cool facts about herself.

"Thank you for educating me," another wrote on a video where she explained a little more about the condition. 

Brittany Jacobs tiktok on two vaginas
Brittany shares her story on TikTok. Photo: Jam Press/australscope

She has also been able to connect with other people with uterine didelphys. However, some stories have been tough to hear.

"I had a man reach out to me personally and tell me that his wife has uterine didelphys and she also did not know until she was giving birth," she said.

“She ended up passing away during birth and so did her child. It broke my heart."

It is important to note that uterine didelphys is not usually life-threatening.

On a more light-hearted note, Brittany has also spoken to people with similar experiences to hers, which helps shine a light on the condition.

She added: “I have found quite a few women with my condition or other uterus abnormalities.

“I always try to follow them back and support them when they share their story.”

Brittany is now keen for further surgery – after continuing to find sex uncomfortable due to the remaining scar tissue. She also has to be cautious when it comes to birth control and could face kidney issues, so she takes supplements to protect her health.

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