Brit hospitalised with two-week erection that won't go away

Caroline Allen
The man has been hospitalised with a life-threatening erection. [Photo: Getty]

British man has been hospitalised with a painful erection that won’t go away.

It was the result of an unprescribed erection enhancing drug that he injected into his penis before having sex.

It has left him with an erection for the past two weeks.

Danny Polaris was told that he may have to have his penis amputated and describes using the drug as “one of the worst decisions” of his life.

Polaris has had to deal with a range of excruciating attempts to get his erection under control. [Photo: Instagram]

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In a bid to get his erection under control, medics have pushed a 7 inch plastic nail down his urethra without anaesthetic to no avail. Polaris described this pain as a 10/10.

They also tried putting needles into his penis in a bid to stop the concentrated flow of blood to the area.

So far, nothing has helped.

Initially Polaris didn’t seek medical help. He went to Berlin Pride the following day with a wine cooler around his penis.

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His condition isn’t just limited to an erect penis. Complications of using the drug include potentially life-threatening blood clots. The pain from the clots has been so excruciating that he has blacked out.

It’s not yet known whether he will be able to have a natural erection, or sex, again.

The man had met a nurse on a night out, and when he was keen to inject the drug into his penis, Polaris was happy to oblige, assuming the nurse knew what he was doing.

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As it turns out, the cocktail of the drug called alprostadil, viagra he’d taken earlier in the night and his HIV medication, was deadly.

The day after Berlin Pride, Polaris was rushed to hospital in agonising pain.

He has been diagnosed with priapism, which the NHS describes as a long-lasting erection that can cause permanent damage if not treated quickly.

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His friends have set up a GoFundMe to raise money for things to “make Danny more comfortable”.

His friends explain the money will go on things like: “A mobile phone (he had his basic Nokia phone stolen at Berlin CSD), drinks, snacks and alternative therapies like reiki and acupuncture to aid healing and for travel costs and passport renewal costs for his parents in case they need to come to Berlin to help him when he leaves hospital.”

He decided to make his story public in the hope to raise awareness and warn others of the dangers of taking unprescribed enhancers.

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