This Brissie gal was just crowned the fittest woman on earth

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While most of us were still fast asleep this morning, a Brisbane gal was busy being crowned the fittest woman on earth.

Tia-Clair Toomey competed in the 2018 CrossFit Games in Wisconsin over the weekend, a gruelling five-day event that saw 40 women from around the world fight it out in beastly challenges.

The 25-year-old finished 14 “workouts” that would make a regular gymgoer weep, including a marathon length row, a handstand race that involved tackling an obstacle course whilst upside down (no biggie) and lifting lots of heavy weights.

Tia-Clair Toomey has been crowned the fittest woman on earth for the second year in a row after winning the 2018 CrossFit Games. Source: Instagram/CrossFitGames

But who is this CrossFit queen?

The incredible athlete grew up on a sugar cane farm on the Sunshine coast, where she had a love of fitness from an early age, mostly running.

She later moved to Brisbane to study nursing but found sport was more her thing.

Her drive comes from always “coming second”, a competitive edge that helped push her to success, she told ESPN last year.

Tia grew up in Queensland and has since gone on to achieve huge fitness success, winning the CrossFit Games twice as well as winning gold in the Commonwealth Games earlier this year. Source: Instagram/TiaClair

You’re most likely to know Tia as a Commonwealth Games champion, as she won gold in the 58kg weightlifting category back in April for ‘snatching’ an 82kg barbell. FYI, that’s 24kgs heavier than her!

The talented weightlifter has also represented Australia in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, #casual.

But those achievements are just hobbies compared to her passion for CrossFit, a popular form of fitness that revolves around “functional movements” that has seen her elevate to epic fittest heights.

Her first appearance in the Games was back in 2015,  where she finished on the podium in second place. Not bad for a rookie!

Two years later, with what Tia described as “pure determination”, she won the title for the first time, putting herself and Australia on the map.

The Olympian has one hell of a ripped body. Just look at those abs! Source: Instagram/TiaClair

But it was no easy feat. From her social media accounts, you can see Tia has had to truly dedicate herself to this sport.

Most mornings she starts with a 7am run at the track which is followed by at least four hours of  weight training and usually finished with a sneaky gymnastics session.

She also follows a very strict diet, telling Popsugar last year her brekkie is usually oats and an omelette, while lunch involves meat and vegies teamed with fuel-boosting carbs and filling fats.

“I have probably three to four big meals a day — I don’t really snack — but after training I’ll have a protein shake,” she told the publication. 

The champion weightlifter smashed her own records at the Games this weekend, lifting a 188kg deadlift during an event on day one. Source: Instagram/TiaClair

For dinner Tia will tuck into more healthy food and likes to spend her evenings in active recovery, such as swimming or walking.

Her gruelling fitness regime has resulted in Tia having an extremely toned physique, just look at those abs!

Even her love life is intertwined with the sport, as her hubby Shane is also her proud coach. The pair live in Gladstone where they own a CrossFit gym.

Tia married her coach Shane last year in a secret wedding in Dunethin Rock. Too cute! Source: Instagram/TiaClair

Best of all, she’s super down to earth and despite the crazy workouts she’s putting herself through, is rarely seen without a smile on her face.

When she won gold in April at The Commonwealth Games, she dedicated her victory to her friends and family.

“This gold medal means more than just a gold medal,” she told Channel 7. “My family, my team, my husband, we’ve trained so hard for this, it is a dream come true.”

If you’re feeling inspired, we don’t blame you. Tia is the epitome of ‘strong is the new sexy’.

BRB, we’re just going to join the nearest CrossFit gym.

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