Brihony Dawson spills on The Challenge Australia contestants

Brihony Dawson spills on The Challenge Australia contestants

Video transcript

BRIHONY DAWSON: But I hadn't really watched much reality TV before I went in. And I feel like that was a real advantage for me because I didn't have any like preconceived ideas about who people were. I'd heard of some people. I think, Kieran, especially, because he was-- he's so striking and you know-- and so I [INAUDIBLE]. And I happened to catch a little bit of "Big Brother," when Marley was on it. So a little bit here and there of people. And, of course, Emily Seebohm.

So, yeah, I knew a little bit, but not a lot. So it was really good just to get to know people for who they were basically and who they are. And, yeah, I really enjoyed getting to know everyone. But I was like-- I was too social. They wanted me to be this like ominous host.

And I was-- in between takes, I was going around and say, yeah, so what do you guys do outside of here? And where do you live? And should we get a coffee like when all this is over? So and I'm like got this piece in my ear and everyone's like, Brihony, get away from the cast. Get away from the cast. I was like, yeah, [INAUDIBLE] great.

I've got like a little cheat sheet on all of them and got to watch the audition videos and stuff like that. But in terms of like knowing people's stories, I literally only found out a story the other day when a promo came on from the challenge. And it's like, imagine if you were in a house and the person who-- you're in a relationship with him, and the person he left you for.

And I was like, what? Kieran and [INAUDIBLE]? So, yeah, I didn't know everybody's full-on back story. So I was just there sometimes like a little bit oblivious to everything. [LAUGHS]