Bridgerton star's erotic thriller lands earlier Netflix release date

alden ehrenreich, phoebe dynevor, fair play
Bridgerton star's film gets earlier Netflix debutNetflix

Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor's new erotic thriller Fair Play has landed a new release date on Netflix.

The film was meant to drop on the streaming service on October 13, but will now be available to watch on October 6. It launches in US cinemas a week earlier, on September 29.

Considering the huge amount of money Netflix paid for the film, perhaps it's no surprise that the Netflix date is so soon after its cinema release.

Fair Play follows a couple who work together in the same firm in New York's cut-throat financial sector, but keep the relationship secret from their colleagues.

alden ehrenreich, phoebe dynevor, fair play

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When Dynevor's character Emily gets a big promotion, her other half Luke (played by Alden Ehrenreich) starts to get jealous, bringing up that she earns more money than him and wondering why he was passed over for the promotion, despite the clear results of the hard work she puts in.

The thriller has received a lot of buzz at the film festivals it was screened at, and also received a lot of attention for one particular sex scene that takes place during the film (spoilers in the linked article).

alden ehrenreich, phoebe dynevor, fair play

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Responding to the scene, Dynevor said earlier this year: "I loved it. [When I read the script], I was like, 'Hallelujah'. I’d never seen a scene like that on film before. It happens. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it was fun to bring to life.

"We had a week of rehearsals before we got onto set. On the day, it felt like we knew what we were doing at that point."

Fair Play drops on Netflix on October 6, and will be shown in cinemas from September 29.

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