Bridesmaids in white? How to look chic without overshadowing the bride

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White bridesmaid dresses? If you feel panic, no-one would blame you.

A blonde bride in a sleeveless lace dress stands in the middle of three bridesmaids with white spaghetti strap midi dresses
White bridemaid's dresses are trending, with many brands offering chic white cuts to complement the bride on her big day. Photo: The Ivory Tribe, Kelly Tunney.

Traditional weddings had an unspoken rule of nobody in white unless walking down the aisle.

To think those standing closest to you on your special day would wear the same colour as you - blasphemous!

But trends are changing and rules are bending.

White bridesmaid dresses have joined the party as chic, elegant options that complement rather than overshadow the bride.


Let us guide you.


The idea: Sleek and chic

When we think of bridesmaid dresses, they're styled entirely differently from the bridal gown to show they are certainly not the centre of attention.

When choosing a white bridesmaid dress, your aim is to complement the bride and be subtle and chic, but not visually overpowering.

Choosing a simple, slinky and chic cut that flatters everyone in the bridal party is the go, with one gentle design flair, like an asymmetrical shoulder or mid-thigh slit for a bit of edge.

If you're going for elegance, it's always safe to opt for a mid-full-length dress.

Our pick?

One Aussie bride posted her take on white bridesmaid dresses on TikTok and Instagram, sparking an online frenzy about how beautiful she and the bridesmaids looked.

We agree.

"Usually I say no to white bridesmaid dresses, but they, along with the wedding dress, are AMAZING!" one person said.

"The bridesmaids' dresses are so classy and beautiful!" another commented.

And a third loved them so much, they wanted to know how they could copy the style: "Where are the bridesmaids' dresses from???"

The dress: Subtle yet special

When it comes to the material of a white bridesmaid dress, you must complement the bridal gown.

If the bride is wearing lace, you may opt for a slim-fitting dress with petite lace-capped sleeves.

Essentially, take one detail from the bride's dress and feature it in your dress.

An olive skinned woman wears a white sleeveless silk maxi dress on the left against a pale blush background, and on the right wears an asymmetrical white silk gown with a thigh split.
Bec and Bridge launched a bridesmaid collection of silk slip dresses in a variety of styles, including chic white. Photo: Bec and Bridge

If you're choosing a simple cut, gently amplify it with a nice fabric like silk.

Silk slip dresses are popular for their versatile designs and flatter a wide range of body shapes.

Due to the fine density of silk, they flow beautifully and, layered over shapewear, cast an elegant silhouette.

The accessories: Complement not control

Okay, accessories.

Again, the rule is simple, chic and elegant.

Pared-back, but with enough of a statement to separate the bridesmaids from the guests.

Shoes-wise, a neutral tone and style is best if you're wearing white with the bride.

Choosing a simple pump or sandal heel in a tone matching your skin-colour is a great option.

A side shot of beige heel strap sandals and white strappy mid heel sandals above on a white background
Neutral tones are a fail-safe shoe bet for bridesmaids wearing white. Photo: The Iconic

Plus, neutral tones usually have the most available designs and are easier to source when buying several of the same shoe.

At most, a blush, gold or iridescent pastel will give a little shine to your outfit.

Choose your statement

When deciding on hair, are you letting the dress or the hair be the statement?

If you're choosing a simple silk slip, a loose bun, low pony with loose bangs or a sleek mermaid look with neat waves work on most hair and look good on pretty much everyone.

Add an accessory with a simple pearl clip or fine sparkle pin.

A group of bridesmaids in strapless gowns all carry large bunches of white roses. Their hair is curled and worn loose. One brunette and four blondes all smile at the bride who has dark hair and her back is to the camera as she enters the room
Neat mermaid waves are an elegant touch when wearing white as a bridesmaid. Photo: ABIA/Christopher Morrison

Okay, where can I get white bridesmaid dresses?

While relatively new to the wedding sector, the trend is set to continue, with more brands designing white and cream bridesmaid dresses.

If you're stuck and searching for some inspo, plenty of reliable brands offer designs for a wide range of body shapes.

Shop bespoke bridesmaid collections from Bec & Bridge, LOVER, Shona Joy at The Iconic and David Jones.

Happy shopping!

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