Bridesmaids blasted for wearing 'bin bag' dresses to friend's big day

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A photo of a bridal party at a wedding has gone viral online after someone likened the women’s dresses to bin liners.

The image of the four women in silk black-greyish dresses, with emojis used to hide their faces, was shared to Reddit, with plenty of people agreeing with the original posters analogy.

“I didn't know Hefty made a bridal line,” was the title accompanying the image.

This bridal party look has been likened to bin liners. Photo: Reddit

For anyone left confused by the reference - of which there were some - another added a helpful explanation.

“Well, Hefty makes trash bags so the title implies the dresses look like black, plastic bin liners. The title is not wrong lol,” one person commented.

Overall the dressed didn’t receive much praise, which only got worse once people noticed the women were also wearing joggers to complete the look.

Another wedding look has caused a controversy. Photo: Getty

“I have many question about this photo, what the hell are they wearing on their body and feet,” one person asked.

“The pockets are the only redeemable thing I can see here,” another mused.

A few stood by the ladies saying they “saw nothing wrong” with the bridal look.

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