'Selfish bridesmaid' blasted for rejecting 'nightmare' dress

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A bridesmaid has taken an unusual approach to an ugly bridesmaid dress. Photo: Getty Images

The fate of the bridesmaid is well documented and accepted all over the world - you will be given a dress you will probably hate, and you’ll wear it with a smile.

Most bridesmaids resign themselves to the situation eventually, albeit with a sigh of frustration and perhaps a few tears in the fitting room.

For one prospective bridesmaid however, this was not an option.

Posting to Reddit, the woman turned the saga on its head with one, blasphemous question - can I tell the bride I hate this dress?

A blasphemous proposal

The bridesmaid decided to daringly confront the bride over the dress. Photo: Getty Images

The explosive suggestion was posted by user Kari-kateora who explained that though she couldn't have been more thrilled to be a bridesmaid, there was one small problem standing in the way.

"Truth is, I hate the dress," she wrote.

"It's just.... a style that really doesn't look good on me."

She explained that the dress didn’t flatter her, the skirt made her look squat and the colour washed out her pale skin.

Where most would simply accept the familiar scenario, this bridesmaid couldn’t reconcile herself to it.

"I don't want to be an ass and make it about me and what stupid dress I wear, but I also don't want to feel ugly by wearing something I'll feel bad in," she wrote.

Horrified reactions

The online forum exploded with conflicting viewpoints, but the main response was clear - under no circumstances may you tell a bride you hate the dress.

"Honestly it is her day and not yours, her dress of choice is what she sees as great for her day," one wrote.

"Sorry to say it but suck it up buttercup."

"It's a friend's wedding. You don't have to like it, it's literally a day that has NOTHING to do with you," another concurred. "Suck it up and wear the dress."

"I imagine 90% of bridesmaids hated their dresses. It's unbelievably difficult to accommodate for all body types with one dress," another wrote.

The woman pointed out that the bride had asked her opinion on the gown, and some argued that because of this she was entitled to share her thoughts.

"I really think bridesmaids should be allowed to wear dresses that are the right type of dress for them," one argued. "Pick a color (sic) and a few criteria, then let them get a dress that actually work(s)."

"She asked for your opinion. Tell her the dress is going to look terrible on you and see what she says," another wrote.

The bridesmaid who spoke

In a final twist, the bridesmaid revealed she had indeed decided to tell the bride how she felt.

Though she says the bride took it well, many online were horrified.

"Can't believe you ended up telling her you didn't like it! What a selfish bridesmaid," one said.

The bridesmaid herself said it had worked out perfectly, to many people’s surprise.

"Turns out she's not set on it and is now even considering letting us all pick our own clothes in a colour scheme," she shared.

With the internet divided and most stomachs in knots at the mere prospect of rejecting a dress, would you have done the same thing?

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