Bride's 'hideous' wedding veil shoes confuse everyone

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

When it comes to picking your wedding day shoes, many people just choose comfort over style, because at the end of the day, if you’re wearing a long gown, nobody’s going to see them anyway.

But one bride decided to make her shoes one of the focal points of her whole wedding day ensemble, by incorporating her mum’s veil into the design.

A bride has divided opinion online with her wedding veil shoes. Photo: Getty Images

The bride’s mum took to a Facebook group to share three images of the end result and people are very divided with their feelings about them.

A pair of white shoes seem to have been partially covered ith a lace and pearl material from the veil, which wraps around the back to reveal a random blue piece of fabric, which is no doubt the bride’s way of combing her ‘something old’, ‘something blue’ and ‘something new’ into one item.

While many people thought it was a nice idea and a great way for the bride to pay homage to her mum, others couldn’t believe the bride would walk down the aisle in the shoes.

The wedding shoes were a hot topic on one Facebook group. Photo: Facebook

One person simply commented saying: “Barf”, while another said: “It looks like furry mold”.

The bashing of the shoes continued, with one person calling them “hideous” and another saying: “Quick. Someone get the glue gun away from her.”

“Did they just crack out the scissors and the hot glue gun? I like the concept but the execution is just barf,” another person said.

Many people just couldn’t get over how badly the concept was executed, but loved the idea to incorporate a family heirloom into her big day.

“I don’t hateeeee it, I just wish it was executed better,” one commenter said.

“The jewel strip down the back is unnecessary, but still pretty cute overall for a special touch,” another person said.

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