Bride’s 'panic diarrhea' wedding dress mocked

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A bride-to-be’s potential choice of wedding dress has been mocked after its design was compared to 'panic diarrhea'.

The criticisms came after users on a Reddit thread pointed out how a brown ribbon positioned on the back of the gown could be seen to resemble an unfortunate wedding-day mishap.

The gown was criticised for its unusual design. Photo: Reddit

In contrast to the dress’ otherwise traditional colour scheme, the large adornment dominates its back-half, trailing from the mid-section right down to the train’s end.

This even motivated some of the forum’s users to compare the look to ‘blasted out panic diarrhea’.

Unflattering comparisons

“Looks like she s**t herself. How unfortunate,” one woman quipped.

"What every bride wants: a brown ribbon streaming out of her a**," quipped another.

"It’s pretty difficult to go to the bathroom in a wedding dress, she’s just covering her bases.”

However, it wasn’t just the ribbon that proved contentious when it came to users’ criticism of the look.

Others pointed out how the tailoring was the result of ‘poor execution’ and also took jabs at the construction of its neckline.

“[The ribbon] should start at the waist or something,” advised another. “You know, higher than where her poop hole would be".

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