Bride's next-level wedding moves go viral

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A Houston woman is going viral after she gave her wedding guests a memory to last a lifetime.

The bride and groom were clearly made for each other as they both brought out the moves during their wedding ceremony and reception.

The groom kicked things off with a dance up the aisle to start the ceremony, before he took a shot and watched his future wife walk down the aisle.

The bride walks down the aisle and everything seems tame. Photo: KTRK

Once they had tied the knot, and after a quick change by the bride, the couple walked into their reception as if it was only the two of them, doing a sexy dance with each other.

A dress change later and the sexy moves start. Photo: KTRK

But things hit another level when the bride changed for the third time into some sexy lingerie complete with a mask and knee high boots.

She strutted out onto the dance floor before showing everyone how to twerk properly.

Add to that a front flip and the splits and she kicks off a lap dance for her new hubby in front of a jubilant crowd.

The bride’s moves have gone viral after a wedding guest shared the video online.

She then takes things to a whole new level. Photo: KTRK

Some viewers online weren’t quite sure what to think of the over-the-top display.

What did I just watch,” one person asked.

“Well…they’re definitely perfect for each other,” another mused.

Is this the reception or the bachelor party,” another commented.

Check the shenanigans out above and see what you think.

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