Bride threatens to cut off guests who cancel due to coronavirus

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A bride-to-be has felt the wrath of the internet after taking to her Facebook to threaten to cut off guests who cancel due to coronavirus. 

The unnamed woman is getting married in 37 days’ time and as an increasing number of COVID-19 cases emerge around the world, she decided to let her feelings on cancellations be known.

A bride-to-be has threatened to cut people out of her life if they don't attend her wedding due to coronavirus fears. Photo: Getty Images

“I spent 15 months planning. I’ve spent thousands of dollars . I’ve been working out, budgeting, dodging family politics landmines, chased rsvps, tried my hand at both electrical and wood work, personalised gifts, answered a million emails,” she wrote.

She went one: “And drank lots of wine in the bathtub so i felt justified in reminding my guests that i don’t care if you miss my wedding because of coronavirus paranoia.”

The woman then posted the clapping emojis alongside the line: “You are dead to me”. 

The bride posted this to Facebook. Photo: Reddit

People couldn’t believe the bride-to-be’s choice of words, considering More than 4,600 people have died and more than 126,000 people have been infected globally from coronavirus.

“Cool, so any wedding guests that have anything resembling an autoimmune or chronic illness will risk their lives by attending her wedding. I'm sure that's worth the thousands of dollars she spent on her own entitlement,” one person wrote. 

“It sucks and I’d be mad if I had to cancel my wedding BUT not mad at guests for not wanting to go to a wedding in a pandemic. I’d try to cancel as much as I could, get courthouse married and then throw a wedding after the virus is over. I know easier said than done but we are in a pandemic,” another person wrote. 

Others sympathised with the bride, with many feeling like she was just trying to make light of the dismal situation.

“I’m pretty sure she’s just expressing her frustration with the situation rather than being serious. I’m sure a lot of brides-to-be can sympathise with putting in time and money, and then dealing with the disappointment that your loved ones won’t show, and that it’s out of your control,” one person wrote. 

“This actually does read as just a joke to me. It sounds like an exasperated bride who’s just trying to be funny like “after all I’ve been through a little coronavirus is nothing” I totally read it as a joke,” another said, 

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