Bride 'furious' over best friend's controversial wedding move

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

When it comes to weddings, it can be hard to keep up with all the etiquette rules. 

From not wearing white to avoiding dressing in the same colour as the bridesmaids and not using your smartphone during the ceremony, there can be a lot to remember. 

However, one bride was left absolutely livid with her best friend, after she claims she stole the thunder from her on her wedding day with her own big announcement. 

A bride was left furious at her best friend for announcing her pregnancy at her wedding. Photo: Getty Images

Taking to Reddit, the woman said it was her best friend’s wedding last January and she was really excited to catch up with their big group of friends, who rarely got the chance to see each other anymore. 

She and her husband had been trying for a baby for over five years and had just discovered she was expecting their first child. 

“When we went to a fertility doctor, we were told my husband had a low sperm count. A few months later I was diagnosed with endometriosis, making our chances of natural conception incredibly low,” she wrote. 

“We decided we were going to try for another year and then look into adoption. I found out in November that I’m pregnant and due in early August”

Obviously very excited about her long-awaited pregnancy, the woman said she wanted to tell all her friends in person instead of over the phone and the wedding was the perfect time to do it. 

“I didn’t make a massive announcement, I simply just people as I saw them. A lot of people knew we were struggling so wanted to see how we were getting on. It drew a bit of attention but nothing major,” she wrote. 

But that’s not what the bride though, with the best friend saying she pulled her to the side after the wedding and let he know her feelings on the matter. 

The woman and her husband had been trying for a baby for 5 years. Photo: Getty Images

“She was furious with me for making this night all about me. I was apologetic but explained my reasoning and expected her to be happy for me. She was anything but and has made absolutely no effort with me since,” the woman finished, asking the internet who was in the wrong. 

Since the woman posted her question two days ago, it’s had over 2,000 comments from people who are very divided over the matter. 

“You hijacked what's supposed to be their special day to make an announcement about you,” one person wrote.

“You clearly knew your pregnancy announcement was a huge thing if you wanted to tell everyone in person and have been waiting as long as you have to be able to conceive. Weddings and pregnancies are both high on the life achievement board. You should have just had your own party instead of hijacking someone else’s,” another person wrote. 

Others disagreed, saying the woman had every right to tell her friends her big news whenever she wanted to. 

“Are you seriously expected to just make small talk just to make the bride the star? The whole attention thing is so childish anyway. You did nothing wrong in having a normal conversation with your friends,” one person wrote. 

Another person agreed, writing: “If I were at a wedding and my friend told me they were pregnant I'd be like 'wow that's so nice for you'. I would probably feel sorry for them that they can't drink but I would forget about it. I don't think anybody in the world telling me they're pregnant at a wedding is 'big' or 'crazy' or 'exciting' enough to trump the fact that I am at a wedding, enjoying the people, food, drinks music etc etc. unless it was a friend in an abusive relationship, or if I took a pregnancy test myself at the wedding and found out I was pregnant. Like, I don't believe that people were pandering over you all night and the bride was sitting at the bridal table alone.”

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