Bride uninvites mum over 'cruel' joke at fiancé's expense

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A furious bride-to-be has uninvited her own mother from her wedding over a 'cruel' joke her mother made at her fiancé's expense.

The bride took to the popular Reddit thread 'Am I the a**hole' to share vent her rage over the incident and gauge whether she was right to come down so hard on her mum.

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A mum's 'cruel' joke has seen her uninvited from her daughter's wedding. Photo: Getty Images.

'Brutally honest' mum

She began by giving readers some background on the situation, explaining that her 'brutally honest' mum had been making disparaging comments about her fiancé, Kevin since they first met.

"I am getting married to my fiancé Kevin,” the bride-to-be began. "My family loves Kevin and Kevin loves them.

"My mum is the 'brutally honest' type. When she met Kevin, she kept making comments about him, his car, his degree, etc."

It seems that Kevin was able to shrug off his future mother-in-law's unwanted opinions until she started making fun of his personal appearance — specifically his inability to grow a beard. According to the bride, her mum and stepdad called Kevin 'unmanly' which hurt his feelings.


"She kept annoying Kevin by constantly talking about his hairless face. Mum made jokes with her husband about how ‘unmanly’ it is to not be able to grow a beard or a mustache. Those comments hurt Kevin so much.

But, after a 'stern' talking to, her mum said sorry and the trio moved on.

"I had a very, very stern conversation with her. She ended up sincerely apologising to Kevin and we left it at that."

However, the peace wasn't to last. Little did the bride know but her mum had decided to give Kevin a special wedding gift to disastrous results.

"Mum decided to give Kevin a wedding gift and also to let him know how sorry she was for her past behaviour.

"She invited the whole family for dinner and decided it was the perfect time to hand Kevin his wedding gift. He opened the box and found a set of shaving tools with shaving cream. Kevin stopped for a sec and kept staring at the gift.

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The bride has refused to have her mum at her wedding unless she apologises. Photo: Getty Images.

"My stepdad took it and showed everyone. Then mum and others started laughing while stepdad kept saying, ‘You get the joke, Kev? You get it?’ Kevin got up and walked out."

The bride admitted that she was so mad that she 'lost it' at her mum who in turn tried to play down the gift as a 'joke'.

"I angrily said, 'No apology, no wedding invitation, period,' then walked out. She freaked out, trying to say we overreacted to a joke, and my brother said I was crazy to exclude mum from my wedding over something so stupid."

Reddit users were fairly unanimous in their verdict, branding the bride's mum the a**hole in this situation.

“People do something deliberately cruel and then claim ‘joke’ to excuse their cruelty," one person said.

"Stand your ground and don’t let them give you any more crap," another wrote.

"Your mother is a bully," a third declared.

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