Bride threatens to kick bridesmaids out of wedding for not responding to text: ‘Girl, calm down’

A bride’s confusing demands have left at least one bridesmaid annoyed.

Someone with screenshots from the incident posted them in the RedditWedding Shaming” forum. The bride sent a long message rattling off details about the event. She wanted the bridal party to wear girdles, $24 dresses and $65 hairstyles. The bride also proposed that some bridesmaids get their hair done the night before the ceremony.

But it was more the tone of the message that left a bad taste in people’s mouths. After telling the bridesmaids about the dresses and hair, the bride added a couple of odd caveats.

“If you can’t adhere to these please let me know in this group as I am not adding more stress than what I already have been and I will seek other arrangements,” the message said.

But a follow-up text afterward completely contradicted the previous statement.

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“And I’m [going to] say it’s safe to assume if you don’t respond then that tells me you no longer want to be in the wedding party,” she added.

In the thread of messages, another user replied to the bride, “Huh. Girl, calm down you literally just said if you can’t adhere then let you know.”

Redditors thought the bride was being rude.

“This seems like a person who will have more than one wedding day,” a person joked.

“Being her friend sounds…exhausting. Hard pass,” another said.

“It’s post like this that just make me want to save EVERYONE the hassle and just elope if I ever get married,” a TikToker commented.

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